Season Finale

Join Amy and Emma as they recap the first season of Root to Revive. They'll talk about all they learned throughout the interviews and in the process of recording the podcast. They'll also introduce you to all that is to come for Root SUP in the next year and on the water this season!

Thank you all so much for listening! We look forward to recording again next season!

Find Your Authenticity

In todays’ episode, Amy will interview Patricia Fero. Patricia is an author, psychotherapist, workshop facilitator, and speaker from Ann Arbor, Michigan. Patricia has been leading workshops and spiritual retreats for over 13 years. Patricia is passionate about empowering women to step into their power and use it in the service of the planet.

Lauren Tararsky is also joining the conversation. Lauren was on our previous podcast, discussing spirituality. Lauren is the Minister at the Interfaith Center for Spiritual Growth and the founder of Inspired Life Counseling.

Fitness for Freedom

Join Emma as she interviews Kirsten. Kirsten is an engineer, a personal trainer, a Paddleboard teacher, a paddle board racer, and much more. She is from Germany and discusses how being active has made her transition to the United States much easier. Kirsten explains how she’s been able to cultivate communities around healthy habits such as biking, roller blading, and paddle boarding. She’ll discuss how fitness has helped her to stay free and how she’s taken many lessons off the board, out of the gym, and into her daily life.

Exploring Spirituality

In todays episode, Amy will interview Lauren Tararsky. Lauren is the Senior Minister at the Interfaith Center for Spiritual Growth and the founder of Inspired Life Counseling. She has a Masters degree in Spiritual Guidance. She was raised Reform Jewish and spent time living at an ashram where she received training in yoga, meditation, Hinduism, Buddhism and Ayurveda. She teaches “The Psychology of Spiritual Growth” at Washtenaw Community College,  regularly facilitates women’s circles, and teaches yoga. Tune in to learn more about what spirituality is and how to feed your soul!

Navigating Grief through Movement

In this week’s podcast, Emma interviews Courtney Welch. Courtney is the communication and social media manager of FOX Sports Detroit. She is a wellness coach, a yoga teacher, a paddle board yoga teacher, and a paddle board racer! Courtney shares how she got into paddle boarding, lessons from life that she’s learned on the water, and shares openly about how movement has helped her during the hard times in her life including how she’s handled loss and grief.

Spark Your Creativity

In todays’ episode, Amy will interview Meredith Stepien on the topic of creativity. Meredith is a Chicago based actress, comedian, singer, and musician. She has performed with Team StarKid, Improv Olympic and Second City. She is a songwriter and bongo-player for the band, Jim and the Povolos. Fun fact – Meredith created our Podcast introduction song. Learn to use the improv mentality of saying “Yes and” to life and to yourself through creativity. Tune in to fuel your hidden creativity!

Mindful Transitions

Join Emma as she interviews her lifelong friend, Becca. Becca is a mindful mother who has lived all over the US, and currently lives in Austin, TX. She’s an expert in coaching teachers and inspiring people to live their best life. Becca talks about how she handles big transitions, big moves, and everyday life as a new mom. Learn from Becca as she talks about the importance of routine and self-love.

The Path to Healing and Recovery

In todays’ episode, Amy will interview Maureen Harrington on her path to healing. Maureen is a 200 hour Registered Yoga Teacher and Certified Healing Coach. She has been in recovery from addition since 2010 and eloquently describes “finding the beauty in the bottom”. Maureen is dedicated to facilitating healing in others, by teaching yoga to people who are in all stages of recovery from addiction. She uses her personal experience to help others find their self worth and personal empowerment. Discover the tools Maureen used to start and maintain her path to healing and recovery.

Reclaim Your Name

Join Emma as she interviews Kjersti; a mother, a physical therapy assistant, an energy medicine practitioner, a yoga teacher, a Bowen and Hands on Healing practitioner, and a strong woman! Emma and Kjersti discuss what it means to take lessons learned from spirituality and yoga into everyday life. Learn about Shamanism and Dharma School, conscious parenting, subtle energy shifts, and more!

Welcome to Root to Revive

Get to know Amy & Emma, founders of Root SUP, a Michigan based Stand Up Paddleboard yoga company. They'll introduce you to the themes of this podcast which include diverse conversations on life, paddleboarding, and how to stay rooted no matter the conditions.